View Full Version : Durst Pictograph Enlarger Contoller

3-Mar-2016, 12:57
My school darkroom has a 4x5 durst enlarger and since I'm the only student to use it in about ten years no one has any idea how to use the controller, anyone who has any experience with this type of controller would be much appreciated. Thanks

5-Mar-2016, 18:39
Consider yourself a lucky student, this is a beautiful machine. It is a closed loop, variable contrast enlarger for black and white. The base is a Durst L1200 and the multigrade head has a closed loop system which analyses the light and controls the shutter above the objective. This ensures you always get the same exposure for a given number/time dialed on the controller. You will find here : http://durst.loremi.com/ the Instructions Manual, as well as the Service Manual. When reading the instructions, the logic of the Durst engineers might seem a little odd but you'll see, it is truly very good and pleasant to use. If you have questions, just ask.