View Full Version : Graflex Rangefinder Vertical Alignment

3-Mar-2016, 11:05
The vertical alignment in my Graflex Rangefinder on my Crown Graphic is slightly off. I found what appears to be a service manual for the rangefinder: http://www.southbristolviews.com/pics/Graphic/manual-pdf/TRFService.pdf but it doesn't appear to differentiate between horizontal/vertical adjustments and I didn't want to accidentally make things worse as the horizontal alignment appears fine. Is this an easy adjustment to make? If so does anyone have a link to the procedure or a list of steps to take?

Thanks a lot!

Jim Noel
3-Mar-2016, 12:16
Is this a side mounted Kalart rangefinder, or a top mounted one by Graflex. It does make a difference in method of alignment.

3-Mar-2016, 12:32
It is the top mounted by Graflex.