View Full Version : Returning purchases to Japan/China

2-Mar-2016, 18:44
I've been pretty lucky about the stuff that I've bought off eBay from Japan/China, but have been very apprehensive about the possibility of having occasionally to return something. It always needs to be quite reasonable in price before I bid on it. (Got a beautiful 9" Verito in brand-new(?) Copal 3, which didn't have any aperture markings concerns me a bit.)
The stuff comes over to Florida very quickly, usually in a week or two, and the shipping charges are reasonable (apparently stuff is shipped in something called a pack), but I can envision BIG charges to return anything.
Is there a way to do it without breaking the bank?

2-Mar-2016, 19:13
No. Not really. It ha to be an item you really want.

2-Mar-2016, 21:44
Bill, if it's only the markings on the aperture scale that bother you, and you're happy with the lens and shutter combination otherwise, it may be easier/cheaper/better to get a scale made. S.K.Grimes will do it, or you may be able to find someone locally. If you have a Minolta Booster or something similar, you could first make a paper scale yourself, and then give it to a local laser engraving shop.

But in general, shipping from the US is pretty expensive, compared to shipping from Japan.


Sirius Glass
2-Mar-2016, 22:35
I had S. K. Grimes make an aperture scale the lens on a shutter. They removed and returned the original plate and made the custom plate. As I recall the cost was not that high. [Around $60US IIRC]