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2-Mar-2016, 04:43
Although I've been playing with moving image since 2009, I rarely receive commissions but it was nice to get one before xmas, you can see the finished product here: https://www.pixelrights.com/damian-drohan/albums/z1uJh/motion it's about the third film down entitled "Johnny"

On another note, I wrote a blog post yesterday about a change in direction. I'm moving more towards self-publishing as the commissioned editorial shoot model has died a death for me, if you're so inclined you can have a read here: http://www.damiandrohan.com/blog-2/

I'll hopefully be shooting a lot of experimental projects over the next while and trying different methods of storytelling, I've moved some of my work onto a pixlrights and separately photoshelter archive and I'll be trying to blog more about progress or lack of.



2-Mar-2016, 05:48
Hi Damian,

You tell good stories. I've got your blog bookmarked, and look forward to more from you.


4-Mar-2016, 02:15
thanks Kumar- kind of you to say so

Ray Heath
4-Mar-2016, 04:24
Beautiful work Damian, your subjects come across as real, genuine and honest.

5-Mar-2016, 02:03
Thanks for watching ray and for the kind remarks, damian