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1-Mar-2016, 19:15
I've finally acquired a photogravure print from Camera Work. How archival are they for display?

I wouldn't mind hanging it up on a wall. I've read Camera Work was printed on Japanese tissue, which is used for conservation book repair and it's manufacturing does not describe chemical buffering. Not much has turned up online about archival qualities of Camera Work prints. Does anyone here have practical experience displaying these? Thanks in advance.

There are many photogravures to choose from and from a variety of pictorialists and wide variety of price points, but I got the one I've admired for years; George Seeley's Firefly. After knowing of it, I had recently seen it at the Boston MFA and wasn't sure if it was a platinum print or photogravure. Then recently I got to study the one I bought and was told it was not the print at the MFA; it sure looks the identical to me. Photogravures were used as acceptable substitutes for exhibition once back in the day when the intended prints did not ship across the Atlantic successfully for a European exhibit. Kinda cool to see they still have those qualities.

3-Mar-2016, 06:55
The keeping qualities of Intaglio prints are quiet good I wouldn't hang it directly opposite a window but if you use a Frame with say a Schott Mirogard glass you should be pretty safe. Congrats for the purchase of the print. Photogravures are quiet beautiful.

3-Mar-2016, 13:49
Thank you MDR; I will look into proper glass and enjoy it.