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bob carnie
1-Mar-2016, 08:54
Hi Folks

Pride is an annual event here in Toronto and our Gallery and Production Shop is always involved in one way or another.

I am pleased to announce our first photo contest open to all world wide.


I hope some of you will want to join in , as well spreading the word would be very helpful.



Kirk Gittings
1-Mar-2016, 09:07
Good for you Bob.

31-Mar-2016, 11:01
wish i knew what a jpeg was!:p

good luck bob

Randy Moe
31-Mar-2016, 11:20
Yes Bob, good for you.

Chicago Pride has gotten out of control, meaning too big, too many drunks and perhaps needs to adjust location.

peter schrager
31-Mar-2016, 16:48
Good for you bob