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David Lobato
28-Feb-2016, 18:29

For almost five years, Baltimore photographer James Singewald has been documenting the city's blocks with his 4x5 camera and Fuji Velvia film. Since beginning his project, which was an extension of his MICA thesis, he has recorded 75 city blocks (including Old Town Mall) creating about 525 images for the project, Baltimore: A History, Block by Block.

The caption in the first photo:

4x5 inch chrome Fujichrome Velvia 100 Calumet Cambo View Camera, 90mm lens. Photograph by James Singewald

28-Feb-2016, 19:48
Beautiful work, the subjects, and the technology (ordinary Calumet and Fujichrome ) are a perfect fit. So much beauty around us, takes skill and commitment to produce such lovely work. Thanks for sharing. Mike