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Peter De Smidt
26-Feb-2016, 08:10
Is it practical to shorten the column of a Foba studio stand? There's a 12 footer available, but my ceiling is only 9ft.

26-Feb-2016, 08:58
Is it practical to shorten the column of a Foba studio stand? There's a 12 footer available, but my ceiling is only 9ft.

I'm probably not telling you something new, but when faced with the same issue, I look first at removing material from the base, where it is not likely to have any mechanics inside (cables, springs, weights). I'm sure there are shops with drop band saws who could cut it.

Randy Moe
26-Feb-2016, 09:02
I assume a Foba uses same system as Arkay.

If Yes, easy to do.

Tip onto side, remove lead weight and cable. Saw to desired length, shorten cable the same amount.

That how I shortened my Arkay.

A Foba cannot be that different.

Jim C.
26-Feb-2016, 12:31
I agree with Randy Moe, technically easy to do even with a hack saw, but a metal chop saw or a
horizontal metal cutting band saw as Jac mentioned would trick too.

My Arkay studio stand column is approx 7 ft, never been cut, but I don't think I've ever used it
with the camera platform over 5 ft. Consider what you're going to use it for and if you would need
to have the camera higher than X ft. Something to think about if you're going to go for the Foba
and cut the column down.

Another thing is if you were to cut the column keep in mind how high the top of your camera setup ( head with camera ) will be
and keep a little extra of the column, right now my 8x10 cambo is on a Majestic head, the studio stand arm
is parked at 5ft and the top of the camera is about 4-5 inches shy of being level with the top of the column.
It would suck big time if the one time you needed it a certain height the column was too short or the height of the camera setup
hit the ceiling.

Peter De Smidt
26-Feb-2016, 12:54
Thanks, Guys. I expect cutting the pipe is similar to an Arkay, but I've never seen a Foba stand in person. It has a steel hexagonal column. Right now the price is too high... I just can't see there being much of a call for these things anymore. My ceiling is about 9.5 ft tall in my studio.

26-Feb-2016, 13:11
You are going to enjoy a studio stand. It makes life much easier.

Peter De Smidt
26-Feb-2016, 13:14
Jac, thanks for the great tip about cutting the bottom of the pipe. I'll certainly look into it if I get this.

26-Feb-2016, 17:22
hi peter

I have cut down two foba stands
it's easy

I recommend cutting the top as the other end is much harder

what you need to do is

1. lower cross arm to lowest point and lock off which will raise counterweight
2. gently lean stand over onto a work bench of some sort till column is approximately level
3. remove cap from top of column
4. raise cross arm a little bit to release tension on counter weight
5. remove hexagonal cast aluminium pully wheel from top of column
6. pull counter weight out of column with cable and set down (it will be covered in grease)
7. using hacksaw cut off what ever you need to
8. shorten cable by untying from counter weight,cutting and retrying
9. slide counterweight back in column, put top casting back on and slowly lower cross arm again and lock off to tension cable making sure it sits in pully wheel then put cap back on top
10. stand stand up and enjoy