View Full Version : Durst CLS-1000 and EST-1000 schematics needed

26-Feb-2016, 03:04
Hi to all, I hope that someone can help me.
I have the color head in the title, and I need schematics of both the head and the power supply to solve a problem with the cooling fan (constantly running also with light off) and for a general restoration and clean.

Does anyone has them and can please send it to me?

I'm also writing to durst pro USA, but unfortunately they tend to ignore you and try to sell you a brand new one for 1500$ or so that will become 2000 adding shipping and import duties to Italy, and it's a road I can't take in any case.
I'm also writing to durst here in Italy hoping that they have these documents in their archives.

Thanks to all for the help.
Cheers from Italy.