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25-Feb-2016, 18:19
If and when I buy/start in LF photography I'm gonna want to do macro when I'm not shooting scenic. Could somebody guide me in the right direction please.

Dan Fromm
25-Feb-2016, 18:29
Y'r request for advice is too vague.

What do you mean by macro? What range of magnifications (image on film:subject) do you want to work at? What format are you planning to shoot?

To help you focus your thoughts, buy a copy of Lester Lefkowitz' book The Manual of Closeup Photography and read it. It is available from sellers on, in alphabetical order, abebooks.com, alibris.com, amazon.com, ... Not expensive.

Ken Lee
25-Feb-2016, 19:23
See http://www.kennethleegallery.com/html/lenses/index.php#Macro

25-Feb-2016, 19:36
Read the threads about macro.