View Full Version : tips for loading sprung loaded 8x10 film hangers

22-Feb-2016, 14:52

I have been tray processing for years but recently got given some "Hewes" brand 8x10 film holders which I am considering using in 5L deep tanks
they have clips on 4 corners and and 3 of them have tensioning springs
can anybody give me some tips as to how to load them ?
I have tried with the lights on and can see no easy way and my fingers are all over the film
and I have emailed the manufacturer but they only know about welding stainless steel which they do very well indeed



22-Feb-2016, 17:37
Put on nitrile gloves.
Replace your hangers with standard kodak sheet film hangers.

Neal Chaves
22-Feb-2016, 18:21
If you have good tray development technique and chemistry, your only risk is an occasional scratch if shuffling through a stack and many of these heal upon drying to be unnoticeable. You can have an occasional scratch with tanks and hangers too, as well as other problems too numerous to mention. I suggest you stay with tray development.