View Full Version : Shutter speed test application?

21-Feb-2016, 17:28
Was photographing with a friend who is big into newest electronic gadgets and toys. On his hand held telephone he had a speedometer setting. Pushed it and could tell how fast we were going on the snowmobiles or walking. As I set up the 8x10 I asked him if it had a shutter speed application?

He's going to look into it.

Anyone know if there is one? Might be interesting enough for me to finally get one of these weird phones.

21-Feb-2016, 20:16
Shutter Speed by Lukas Fritz. He posted on this forum when he was developing it.


Doremus Scudder
22-Feb-2016, 03:15
I use Shutter Speed and find it quite adequate for my purposes, i.e., testing from 1 - 1/60 sec (I don't ever shoot faster than that). How well it does up to 1/2000 or faster I don't know, but that shouldn't be an issue for LF shutters. The app should be even more accurate with the light sensor.