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Steve Sherman
21-Feb-2016, 08:37

Please join me on March 20th, 2016 11 - 3 pm in central Connecticut
Free of charge, no commitments, come to chat about my Prints and Process. Anyone interested in seeing high quality Large Film Black & White photography is welcome. See in person what many have called the sharpest most beautifully crafted Silver Gelatin prints they've ever seen. 450 sq. ft. darkroom / teaching facility has been characterized as a world class darkroom.
Scroll to the bottom of this link for testimonials by some of the biggest names in the industry.


Private message me for details and a specific address

21-Feb-2016, 13:04
Best of luck with the open house.

For those who have not had the opportunity, Steve's workshop is outstanding.


Kirk Gittings
21-Feb-2016, 13:22
Dude. You are making my mouth water.............

Steve Sherman
21-Feb-2016, 15:43
Thank you Kirk and Dave and apologies to the forum members, I need to correct the day to Sunday March 20th from 11-3 pm.
Thank you. Steve Sherman

Steve Sherman
13-Mar-2016, 02:48

All this talk about Semi-Stand and Extreme Minimal Agitation film development, here's a chance to see in person how powerful this technique is. Over 35 + images, mostly Silver Gelatin printed via the Split Contrast technique will be on display during a free Open House for my Power of Process Workshops in the New England and greater Tri State area March 20th 11-2 pm.
PM me for directions

18-Mar-2016, 05:02
My work has grown considerably since meeting Steve & taking part in several of his darkroom procedures. Worth the trip to see the prints on the wall, but even better to hone in on the skills of making a fine print!