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20-Feb-2016, 08:16
Hello to all

As of few weeks now I upgraded from 5x7 to 8x10 Deardorff.
First of all it's amazing to just look throw a 8x10 back ;-)
And it's way lighter then my Linhof Technika 5x7.
But the catch is that I walk a lot with the camera and it's too big for most of the camera bags that are available today. I do use at the moment a Tamrac Adventure 8 but it's really uncomfortable , would like to see and hear how you carry your 8x10 cameras. Besides the camera I do carry 2 lenses and about 5-6 holders.

Thank you

karl french
20-Feb-2016, 08:21
I like the Lowepro PhotoTrekker AW II. Though I think they have been discontinued in favor of a new model. You could find a used one on Ebay. It easily holds the camera and a few small to medium sized lenses. Some people like the f64 backpack.

My Technika 5x7 is a few ounces lighter than my 8x10 Deardorff.

20-Feb-2016, 08:45
there are fstopper bags (http://fstopgear.com/) that are available, but i have no info on how good they are on the back, also i could buy a frame holder from photobackpacker.com but they don't sell them any more( and then use it inside inside one of the Tracker bags like KElby).

Pali K
20-Feb-2016, 11:19
I decided to go with a f64 extra large camera backpack that fits perfectly.

Here is my post about it from a while ago.


20-Feb-2016, 12:09
I use a Kelty P1 backpack. Inside is my 8x10 'Dorff in a camera case and 3 lenses--240, 360, 480--in a multi-lens case. Backpack, camera case, and lens case all bought from photobackpacker.com many years ago. Sadly, though, Bruce shutdown his website around 1/16/2016. There are large and small pockets on the outside of the pack in which I can carry a couple of film holders (if I don't plan on much shooting and/or wish to travel a little lighter) in the large pocket, and small items like filters, cable releases, magnifier, etc, in the small pocket. Oh, forgot about the dark cloth...that sits folded on top of the camera case inside the pack.

If you're interested in the stuff Bruce sold, I've seen it for sale occasionally on these boards and eBay. You could try a WTB post, too. The other suggestions made here are certainly good ones, though I've always found the Tamrac backpacks to be pretty heavy all on their own. But, they're great packs!

Good luck!

David Schaller
20-Feb-2016, 16:42
Any backpack that is comfortable. I use an old Lowe backpack from the late 1980's. You don't need to pay a premium for a purpose built photography backpack.

David Lobato
20-Feb-2016, 17:39
For me a good load carrier is preferred over neat organization. I use an old Gregory panel load (side zippers) multi day backpack. I bungee a fitted piece of thick foam to the ground glass of the Deardorff 8x10, and in it goes. Lenses in wraps and film holders go in on top. Dark cloth, jacket, etc. go in the bottom sleeping bag compartment. Usually there is a little extra room inside, so I tighten the outer compression straps. Its organization is minimal, but when it's on my back it carries very well on the trails.

21-Feb-2016, 00:11
Actually I'm not looking for a specific photo bag, I would prefer carring around with a tracking backpack , but I'm just afraid to damage the camera, so I'm looking for a special devider like the photobackpacker one

David Schaller
21-Feb-2016, 09:33
I use the dark cloth, and a towel, or maybe a fleece jacket or sweater. Wrap the camera with the dark cloth, put the towel or fleece at the bottom of the pack, then the wrapped camera. I put the film holders in a zippered eagle creek laptop case.

Jim Noel
21-Feb-2016, 09:39
I use an internal frame backpack which purchased at an outdoor outfitters. Heavy duty and about 1/3 the price of a similar sized bag made specifically for cameras.

Drew Bedo
23-Feb-2016, 06:54
My 8x10 Kodak 2D lives in an older model LowePro Photo Trekker with 2-3 film holders and the other stuff. The newer bags may have a better suspension setup (shoulder straps and belt etc)

Probably the best set-up is a photobackpacker P-2 or P-3 backpack with a set of storage boxes.

Drew Wiley
23-Feb-2016, 10:25
I've commented on this kind of subject many times on previous threads, having backpacked many thousands of miles with various kinds of view camera gear.
I have a strong preference for true external frame backpacks, not camera packs. That way you've got lots of space for supplies of all kinds, not just camera stuff, and can use jackets or bubble packing instead of a bunch of heavy redundant foam dividers. The problem is finding good quality packs in this day and age. I don't know what is available in your part of the world. Perhaps military packs. Here we once had superb brands like Kelty and Jansport in the 1960's and 70's, but nearly all those brand names have transferred over to cheapo products now made in China. Therefore I always look for older packs, sometimes which can be found foralmost free. I always buy spare ones for the replacement straps, backstraps, etc, for which replacement are no longer available. The box-like storage compartment in these kinds of packs will protect big folder camera quite well and make hauling heaving loads comfortable. I've traveled with loads over 100 lbs
using this kind of pack, though at my age now I prefer something distinctly less.