View Full Version : Exhibition by Fred Dusel in Nashville

17-Feb-2016, 10:04
I would like to call your attention to an exhibition of photography by Fred Dusel in Nashville on Friday, March 4.


About one year ago Fred did a private workshop on carbon printing at my studio South Carolina. Since that time he has printed a significant body of work using the carbon transfer process. All of the original image capture was with film, mostly 4X5 with a Technikardan, and some with medium format with a Hasselblad. The prints are made from digital negatives, printed on an Epson 3880. The work is all the more remarkable because shortly after completing the workshop with me Fred was diagnosed with lung cancer and has had to undergo several rounds of debilitating chemotherapy. Fighting cancer, and overcoming the difficulties of carbon printing at the same time, is quite an achievement in my book.

I plan to be at the opening of Fred's show, and hope to see some fellow photographers from the Nashville area.


17-Feb-2016, 10:53
I'm sure these images will sing in carbon, wish I could be there to see them in person. I hope this show gets the attendance it deserves.

Andrew O'Neill
17-Feb-2016, 10:54
Too bad I live on the West Coast of Canada.... please wish him well and great success with his show.

18-Feb-2016, 10:02
Making plans to be there.

20-Feb-2016, 19:09

Thanks for posting. I just finished visiting Fred's website.
His images are beautiful. His bio is remarkable and his accomplishments inspiring.

Sorry it's a long trip from NY otherwise I'd attend.

I was moved by his bio and sent good wishes and a few comments via the "RSVP" link on his site.

Ron McElroy
29-Feb-2016, 16:39
I am looking forward to seeing this show and meeting Fred. I will be at the opening Friday.

5-Mar-2016, 10:19
I very rarely share anything on my Facebook page, but I did this announcement. Not only is this the level of craft I aspire to, but his bio should be a beacon of hope to anyone who thinks life has past by and there is no time for improvement. I thought I did well going back to school in my mid 40's and getting my first grownup job... but Fred's accomplishments are nothing short of heroic. Thank you for sharing the link Sandy.

6-Mar-2016, 15:42
The opening of the exhibition by Fred Dusel at the Arts Company at 215 5th Avenue in downtown Nashville was very well attended. There were 34 beautiful carbon transfer prints on display, all made from digital negatives from scans of medium format and large format film. Fred answered questions for about half and hour about about his work from the gallery director, and from members of the audience. The formal session ended with well-known songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, with a personal rendition of her poignant lyrics "Sand and Water."

The event was attended by many of Fred's friends, and by a number of well-known photographers from Nashville, including Reanne Rubenstein (http://raeannerubensteinphotography.com), and some folks on this forum, including Ron McElroy from Memphis.

All in all, a first class event in a real happening place. And Fred's work will be on display at the Arts Company from March 5 until March 26.

My congratulations to Fred, and to all of those who helped to make this exhibition a reality.