View Full Version : Me at the Paul Paletti Gallery in Louisville KY

Kirk Gittings
17-Feb-2016, 09:04
To all those people who PM about where I am showing. Next summer (2017) I will be doing a solo exhibit at the Paul Paletti Gallery in Louisville KY. It's a long way off but I wanted to give you a heads up. Don't know what I will be showing yet.

It's been since 2003 since I showed there and 2011 since my last solo show. I don't do these often because they are a ton of work and I want fresh work for them. But one needs them periodically to push yourself forward.

Richard Wasserman
17-Feb-2016, 09:23
Congratulations Kirk! I think my calendar is open then....

bob carnie
17-Feb-2016, 09:38
Nice- its a day trip each way but I would consider this as a must see.

17-Feb-2016, 10:57
I'll be there. The Paletti gallery is 3 miles from my house. Can't wait to see your work in person

17-Feb-2016, 14:36

Not so far from me, but far enough for me to look for a good reason to drive to Louisville and visit with Paul at the Paletti Gallery. Sounds like you have given me a good reason to make the drive. Keep us informed as the dates for the exhibition are penciled in as I would love to see your work in person.

And perhaps you and Bob Carnie could enact a "do-over" of your legendary conversation of a few years ago at the meeting of the New England Large Format Collective. And there should be an ample supply on hand of the magical potion since it is the art work of Paletti himself!


bob carnie
17-Feb-2016, 15:08
Due to technical difficulties with my feet - gout - my days of enjoying Mr Paletti's concoctions are over.

Also Mr Gitting's and I have both agreed that we will behave ourselves. I hope that we can all meet during this show it would be fun and I love Louisville- very nice city.

17-Feb-2016, 15:16
Good for you!

Kirk Gittings
17-Feb-2016, 20:50
I would love to see all of you there. We are all so busy I think this may be a unique opportunity.

Randy Moe
17-Feb-2016, 22:07
I forgot Louisville is closer than Carbondale at 305 miles.

And MegaBus goes there.