View Full Version : Photography Portfolios & Client Online Galleries Questions

15-Feb-2016, 19:44
Hey Yall
How many photography portfolios should one have online? Also what are some good free online client galleries so they can go online and get the pics that i took at the event?


Mark Sawyer
15-Feb-2016, 23:18
Hey Yall

I think ya kinda missed the point of this forum...

16-Feb-2016, 06:05
OP. no limit to the portfolios.

Use Tumblr and make as many as you like. I have 40 something Tumblrs and a few others on other sites. If you shoot a lot of projects, each should have their own site to show case them.

Other photogs use one website with menus. I don't do it that way, maybe I would if I knew how to mange it all and do it for free, so I do it as I like and what works for me. You should also make an illustrated bio showing samples of all your work and accomplishments.