View Full Version : How many daily page views does your site / blog get?

10-Feb-2016, 17:31
How many daily page views does you site / blog get?

Scott Davis
10-Feb-2016, 20:00
My blog gets anywhere from 20-1000+, but mostly it hovers around the 75-100 views per day.

10-Feb-2016, 21:41
How many daily page views does you site / blog get?

Adding to this, what percentage of those hits are productive in a meaningful way (i.e. dialog, sales)?

QT Luong
11-Feb-2016, 18:18
I get 10K+ daily. That number has declined steadily by factor 6 from peak, but revenue has declined only by factor 2.

Scott Davis
12-Feb-2016, 11:01
I'm not one of the lucky ones who derives revenue from his blog posting. I'm trying to figure that part out now... how to get my views/hits up to the point that people want to give me money for photographs and/or photographic services.

12-Feb-2016, 13:41
50-75 on my blog per day on average, according to the analytics. On the posts which I review or talk about specific pieces of gear or an uncommon lens, I get the most hits - some get 10-20 per day on just that one post. I don't tailor my blog towards that type of content though. When I link here or elsewhere to a specific post showing something I write about, I'll get 100-200 views that day though. I don't have any ads or points of sale on my blog. I have a rough draft for a more comprehensive photography website but haven't really gotten around to formally creating that - I need to hire a pro webs developer as I am very specific on how I want the site to work. I don't like the generic Wix-style websites.

28-Mar-2016, 09:48
There's no revenue attachment to my site at the moment, but my articles and reviews on photography average about 300 views a day. Though, oddly enough, I do get inquiries to purchase prints monthly. It's enough to cover the cost of the website and a box or two of film.

5-Apr-2016, 21:51
My one gets 2K daily.