View Full Version : Removing damaged 1/4 20 insert

5-Feb-2016, 15:24
I was trying to remove the 1/4 insert in a tripod head and it was over tightened in the hole. Now the slot is damaged to the point I can't get a grip on it.

How do I extract this insert now that I can't use a screwdriver?


5-Feb-2016, 15:33
Put a 1/4 20 bolt in there with some JB weld on the threads. Once it sets you can use the bolt head to get it out.

Another option would be to drill out the insert.

5-Feb-2016, 16:15
Another option would be an appropriately sized screw extractor (http://www.craftsman.com/craftsman-10-pc-screw-extractor-set-w-vinyl/p-00966196000P?sid=IDxCMDFx20140801x001&KPID=00966196000).

Randy Moe
5-Feb-2016, 16:42
Some of those inserts are garbage. Poor metal choice. I have had a few crack, which means they are brittle. A tiny sharp chisel used by tapping with tiny hammer counterclockwise, may crack it out, or turn it out. Wear googles.

I just bought Wimberley brass inserts from B&H as the solution to this problem AFTER the insert is removed.

5-Feb-2016, 17:04
Thanks for the suggestions so far. I had some JB Weld in the cupboard so I'm trying that first.