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Buck P.
4-Feb-2016, 02:30
We're pleased to announce a new workshop this summer through the Photographer's Formulary - "Wet-Plate Collodion Negatives & Salted Paper Printing."

Already experienced in making Tintypes and Ambrotypes, and ready to take your experience and skills to the next level (although no prior experience with Wet-Plate Collodion is necessary)? Or have you ever wanted to create your own large-format negatives, and print them on your own hand-crafted photographic paper?

Then join us and experience the beautiful and unique processes of Wet-Plate Collodion Negatives and Salted Paper Printing.

Many of us are aware of the unrivalled detail, tone, and ambiance that Wet-Plate Collodion "Positives" (Tintypes and Ambrotypes) render. Prints made from Wet-Plate "Negatives" do so even more. In this Workshop the differences between the creation of Wet-Plate Collodion "Negatives" and "Positives" (Tintypes and Ambrotypes) will be discussed. The different collodion, developers (iron vs. pyro), and fixer formulas will be addressed. In addition, the process to make a Collodion "Negative," as opposed to a "Positive," will be highlighted, including exposure, development, and albumen subbing. Finally, the idea behind "Redevelopment" versus "Intensification" will be demonstrated and practiced.

Salted Paper, one of the earliest means to print photographic negatives, produces prints rivaling the richness of Platinum/Palladium. In addition, numerous colors ranging from browns to blacks can be achieved with various toners. Paper considerations, exposure possibilities (Sun vs. artificial light), toning, printing "difficult" negatives, and hand waxing will be discussed, demonstrated, and practiced in detail.

At all our workshops here in Berlin we encourage everyone to attend at least one workshop in their lifetime at the Photographer's Formulary in Montana. Why? How about interesting workshops, held in top notch facilities (great darkrooms), in a beautiful setting in the Rocky Mountains, with amazing staff. Nothing to do but learn and practice a new technique while, in the evenings, sitting on the front porch looking out over the Bob Marshall Wilderness. What could be better? Interested? Check out the Formulary's link for the Workshop details (and don't forget early enrollment, or enrollment with a friend, gets you a discount!):

http://workshopsmt.homestead.com/Dave-Puntel-Collodion-Salt-Printing.html?_=1454091899880 (http://workshopsmt.homestead.com/Dave-Puntel-Collodion-Salt-Printing.html?_=1454091899880)