View Full Version : Mat size for exhibiting whole plate prints?

1-Feb-2016, 16:26
Up to now I have been matting my whole plate Platinum/Palladium prints on 11x14" board. Presently am exhibiting 12+ prints in a small gallery. At arms length, the 11x14" board looks great, when hanging it on the wall just seems like a larger mat size would set off the print better.

Thought I read a post on mat sizes for whole plate photographs in this forum, but after several searches came up empty. Does anyone have any size recommendations for exhibiting whole plate photographs? Plan on exhibiting this coming year and would love to purchase cut mats and frames so I could mat and frame the prints as they were done.


Erik Larsen
1-Feb-2016, 16:40
16x20 would seem a logical next size up. You can get 4 out of a full sheet of mat board.

Sal Santamaura
1-Feb-2016, 16:40
I already covered this in post #2 of this (your :) ) thread:


1-Feb-2016, 16:46
They're YOUR pictures. You can mat them any size you want.

1-Feb-2016, 16:51
Thank you Sal... you mentioned 12x15" and someone else mentioned 13x15".

The article or post I remember reading was very long, detailed, and referred to several exhibits of whole plate prints I believe recently in NYC. Wish I had bookmarked the URL but didn't.



Michael A. Smith
2-Feb-2016, 17:33
13x15 is almost 1/3 larger than 11x14 and is the same price as you get 6 boards out of a 32 x 40 sheet. We, at lodima.org, have it is stock always as we use it ourselves. Prints mounted on 13x15 seem significantly more impressive than those mounted on 11x14.

Michael A. Smith

2-Feb-2016, 21:50
I have been working on this myself and have decided on 12x16 for prints of 6x8.5 or 6.5X8.5 because that works in with with left over stuff.