View Full Version : Michael Kenna at the Harn Art Museum in Gainesville, FL

Inayat Noor
27-Jan-2016, 13:05
There are 61 photographs by Michael Kenna at the University of Florida Harn Museum of Art. This is a Haiku based exhibit well done by curator Carol McCusker. I highly recommend this exhibit, plus the museum is free.


27-Jan-2016, 14:22
He was recently here in Houston at a local gallery for a book signing and exhibition. I'm also a fan and went to the book signing even though mine is already signed. I am a big fan.


2-Feb-2016, 18:02
Visited the exhibit, very impressed with the setup.

4-Feb-2016, 07:21
Thanks for the heads-up. The photo professor here and I will be driving down tomorrow to Gainseville with 10-11 students to see the exhibit(s) and visit UF's facilities.

Drew Wiley
4-Feb-2016, 10:40
Since he lives in this area he obviously stumbles onto the same nominal scenes that I do. It is sure interesting to see how he renders these with small camera
versus how I might approach the same subject with an 8x10. I particularly have in mind one of those "Haiku" themes at a local leaking dam. I got a wonderful
print, all that texture and depth, but he got an amazing one for completely different reasons. And for some reason I find much of his work quite relaxing to view;
there's quite a bit going on below the surface, psychologically. I can't think of anyone quite like him, except for Bill Brandt perhaps.

Doug Howk
4-Feb-2016, 14:51
I have a couple of Kenna's books on Japan, and the tones of the prints are different. The "Forms of Japan" appear neutral whereas those in "In Japan" are warmtone [the latter appears to be on rice paper]. Will go to Gainesville to see the real prints.

Inayat Noor
5-Feb-2016, 09:15
There will be a Curator Talk at 3PM on Sunday, February 28 for an examination of Michael Kenna's process and intentions which generate his meditative style. This will be held at the Harn Museum of Art. These are usually attended by University of Florida's Photography Dept.faculty who also join the conversation.

5-Feb-2016, 19:53
Really enjoyed the exhibit. Bought a copy of the 20-year retrospective in the gift shop, which I think has excellent reproductions. Go to this show if you are nearby!!

16-Apr-2016, 04:58
I'm on the road this week and was able to work in a stop at the Harn to see the exhibit. Wow. Unlike many here I don't have a lot of experience viewing real prints; I found these breathtaking. I think the exhibit's still up for a couple of months; get there if you can! I did the same as Bryan and bought the retrospective at the gift shop.