View Full Version : Scanneritis or fungus on scanner?

24-Jan-2016, 04:59

i have an Epson v700 in top condition since 4 years and the pattern you can see you the pics was there since i got it from the shop. i didnt mind back than because it didn't have an effect on the scans, but as i was reading i read it might be fungus some days ago..

or is it just Scaneritits? :)

its only on the plastic that drives up and down behind the glass, the glass is perfect, so im wondering.. is this fungus?

is it bad? and is it possible that i will spread on my other camera lenses?
*i attached a pic

thanks alot!145485

Doremus Scudder
24-Jan-2016, 05:21
Looks like corrosion to me...

24-Jan-2016, 05:30
yes! :)
i was also thinking about this..
is it harmfull?
should i try to fix it - clean it?

Light Guru
24-Jan-2016, 06:13
It didn't look like that before you had it in the shop?

If the shop did it take it back and make them fix it.

24-Jan-2016, 09:10
well.. it was like that when i bought it (new) but i didnt put much attention back than (*stupid of me), because it never made problems, its still working perfectly and im super happy with results..
lately i was just worried it might be fungus and it will spread to lenses or smth else

Doug Fisher
24-Jan-2016, 09:58
It is common and has most likely been there since you bought it. Unless I am not getting a good view from your image, it most likely is due to Epson's injection molding process and lack of post injection clean up. If so, no worries.

Your scanner may still need a cleaning of the underside of the glass bed due to normal outgassing but that is a separate issue which has been discussed here many times before.


24-Jan-2016, 10:30
thanks soo much! :)