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Kerosene Hat
23-Jan-2016, 11:46
Hey everyone, I wanted to introduce myself. My name's Brandon and I live in Atlanta, GA. I got back into film photography last summer with medium format (moved up from 135) and, of course, am now getting into 4x5. I'm still learning LF, of course, and am interested in a variety of subjects - portraits, still life, landscape / outdoors.

I have a Super Speed Graphic that's a bit heavy for my application and am looking to possibly sell that and buy into a wooden field camera system. I'd prefer to purchase and sell to the community and avoid the 'bay if possible. I've tried to look for the classifieds section on this site and haven't been able to find it yet - any help on this would be appreciated. I also check APUG, but there isn't too much traffic in the way of LF over there - it's a bit ebb & flow.

I'm excited to get into the LF water and hope everyone "stays focused". :)

23-Jan-2016, 11:56

Kerosene Hat
23-Jan-2016, 12:00
Thanks, Vinny - can you post a link? I swear I've googled and searched and can't find it in the site nav. Thanks.

23-Jan-2016, 12:10
You have to be a member for a month before you can use it, I don't think you can access it either.

I could post a link but you'll get message saying you don't have permission to access that area.


23-Jan-2016, 12:14
You'll only lose a pound or so by going to wood from the Super Graphic. Bad move.

Kerosene Hat
23-Jan-2016, 12:21
Thanks, Bill - I've been a member here for awhile but haven't posted yet - perhaps the clock hasn't started on my full access yet - that's a big help.

Bob Salomon
23-Jan-2016, 12:30
Since you live in Atlanta why not just take it over to Quality Camera behind GT? He should have something lighter and should buy you'd camera.

23-Jan-2016, 12:35
Thanks, Vinny - can you post a link? I swear I've googled and searched and can't find it in the site nav. Thanks.

type the words for sale into the search window

23-Jan-2016, 12:37
You'll only lose a pound or so by going to wood from the Super Graphic. Bad move.

I agree with Bill. I have a Wista 45DX which I bought in the mid 1980's but I also have a Super Graphic which I find better for hand held work and I don't notice any difference in weight in practice. I'm tending to use the SG most of the time now.

A stripped down Crown Graphic is lighter but has poor movements.


Sirius Glass
23-Jan-2016, 21:14
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

I prefer hand held, but I also use my Speed Graphic as a view camera.

Tim Meisburger
24-Jan-2016, 00:56
Welcome to the Forum! go to the top of this page and click on the tab that says "Forum". Scroll through the categories and near the bottom of the page you should find the For Sale forum. If you do not, then contact a moderator, as I think sometimes people are not automatically added in, but they can do it manually.

Kerosene Hat
27-Jan-2016, 21:20
Hey everyone, thanks for the helpful advice. It solids like the Super Speed is good to not get rid of immediately...I have found that front tilt is awkward and limited, and of course rear movements (as seldom used as they are) aren't there. I also like the idea of using off camera flash, so I need to look into a different lens/shutter combo...but first thing's first...I'm trying to work on my B&W negative technique while working full time...trying to learn how to apply the zone system while also learning a LF rig is enough to give me plenty of homework. Throw in that I sprained my ankle a week ago, and it's "interestingly trying to break out the LF rig. Though maybe there's a mini 365 type project in it for me...hmmm...great to meet everyone and thanks for the input!!

Roger Cole
28-Jan-2016, 04:14
Welcome about from a fellow Atlanta-area-ian. I work in Sandy Springs and live north east up 85. :)

Jim Galli
28-Jan-2016, 13:37
Dis-agree with Bill and Ian. Junk that old Speedy and investigate the Chamonix camera. I've owned one of everything and it's the keeper. Unlimited movements. Light as a feather. Rock solid. Not expensive (relatively) for the intrinsic value of it.

If the Speedy has a cloth curtain shutter that works, keep it for when you wander off into barrel lenses. Very handy, but a good camera with movements opens up entire worlds of possibilities.

You should be able to find the Classified by now. Thought it was only 30 days wait.

Kerosene Hat
31-Jan-2016, 11:41
Roger, nice to meet you-we should get together for a shoot when I finish nursing this sprained ankle. Jim, thanks for the input-useful advice. I can now see the classifieds section-cool!

Roger Cole
2-Feb-2016, 02:43
Argh, too late to correct the typo I just saw. That was supposed to be "welcome aboard." :)

We tried to get some locals together before but it never seemed to work out. For one thing, I work nights all week so I tend to be up late and sleep late weekends as well. So mornings basically never work for me and most of my photography is done during times of DST or at least later sunsets than we have in the winter.

4-Feb-2016, 15:40
Fellow Atlantan here as well. I live over in Marietta. If you guys get together, I'd love to join.