View Full Version : Epson 4900 Print Head Failure

22-Jan-2016, 23:48
Just had the printhead on my Epson 4900 completely die. (confirmed after a lengthy talk with the Epson Tech) Got the Printer second hand and I'm fairly new to the whole printer usage option for Digital Negative Printing.


Since it costs an arm and a leg to purchase and get a new Printhead installed am I better off purchasing another printer? If so does anyone have any recommendations. My primary use for a printer is printing digital Negatives (4x5 scans) for Contact printing.

If replacing the printer with a new one is a better option what are some excellent recommendations? I was told an Epson P800 is a viable option, but does anyone have any experience with using Canon printers? If so what are good tested recommendations?

Thank you in advance.

(slightly frustrated student printer)

Kirk Gittings
23-Jan-2016, 11:07
I would find a used 3800 or 3880. They are pretty bulletproof and could probably be cheaper than a new print head for the 4900. We run 5 4900s at my school and there is almost always 1 in the shop.

Bill L.
23-Jan-2016, 11:13
We had a print head on a 4900 die and, after reading how often the heads failed, we opted to get a 3880 rather than replace the head (it was a little cheaper to get the 3880 IIRC, but they were close). You lose the roll paper capacity, but likely will end up with a longer lasting printer.