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20-Jan-2016, 15:17
I'm totally new to large format, and excited to take the plunge. I havent shot film in 15 years, and I'm excited to learn all about it. When I first joined this forum, I was a little bummed to see the classified section was restricted for the first thirty days of membership. In retrospect, however, this is a good thing, because I would've just dove right in and bought something on day one, as opposed to reading and learning from all the great info here.

I'm reading Ansel's The Camera right now, does anyone have any other must reads?

Sirius Glass
20-Jan-2016, 16:20
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

Joe O'Hara
20-Jan-2016, 16:48
Greetings from the Jersey burbs.

In addition to that book, I can also recommend Bruce Barnbaum's "The Art of Photography".

20-Jan-2016, 16:53
Welcome to the forum. Ansel's books are great. Definitely read the sections on camera movements, and exposure metering. Lots of good content on here. Don't get overwhelmed by all the content here. Buy some film and go take some shots, even if you have to use your digital camera as a light meter to start. Once you see that large format film developed, you will be hooked.

Andrew O'Neill
20-Jan-2016, 19:00
Welcome to the forum! I've got all 3 books, The Camera, The Negative, and The Print. They are what got me into photography (drawing printmaking background), 25 years ago. There are excellent articles here as well. You could also check out Steve Simmons' book, Using The View Camera.

George Losse
20-Jan-2016, 19:04
Another Greeting from the Jersey side.

Welcome. I'd also recommend getting to know the search functions on this site, there is a lot of great information right here to learn from.

20-Jan-2016, 19:21
Hey to All in the Philly Burbs !!!
I am in NW Upper Bucks County about an hour from Center City ( Philly).
Many great opps for LF shooting in our area........
Seems there might well be a handful of us in the area which is GREAT!
Perhaps a road trip is in order come Springtime ???

Bill Kelleher
21-Mar-2016, 18:33
Greeting from the Jersey shore!

Peter Lewin
29-Mar-2016, 07:16
First, yet another greeting from NJ, this time from "up North" near Morristown. As for books, two which are much easier to read than Ansel's: Fred Picker's "ZoneVI Workshop" and Steve Simmons' "Using the View Camera." Also take a look on Facebook at the Large Format Photography group, and on the web at viewcamera.com which is Steve Simmons' site for View Camera Magazine. And since we seem to have a bunch of Philly and NJ folks posting, it would definitely be fun if we could get together as the weather improves.