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19-Jan-2016, 12:59
There is a Ansel Adams exhibit at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville GA running until 03/14. This exhibit has 25 of Ansel's prints and several by Brett Weston and Pirkle Jones and many by current Western landscape photographers.

For more info go to: www.boothmuseum.org

19-Jan-2016, 14:00
Thanks for the heads up, I may try to attend in the next few weeks.

Anthony Oresteen
19-Jan-2016, 16:34
Thanks for posting.

I'll see if the Commander-In-Chief wants to go. About a 90 minute drive each way.

21-Feb-2016, 07:16
worth the trip to see these up close. You can really see and feel (emotionally) the qualitative differences between the photogravure prints of early photographers vs Adams' Silver prints vs the modern "pigment" prints. There were a couple of cibachromes in the mix too.

Dorthea Lang's Migrant Mother image has so much more detail in the clothing than I had ever noticed. "Moonrise over Hernandez" was one of the darkest printings I have seen. one of the surf and rock shots was amazing.

Some of the B&W Pigment prints looked like splatter paint in some areas. While the images were stiking overall at a distance, close up they were disappointing. A couple of the color images were too vibrant to be natural (even my daughter thought the images looked "fake"). The ones with more muted tones were more realistic and interesting. I maybe tired of the whole digital look.

Do see the movie, it has Dorthea Lang, Imogen Cunningham, Georgia Okeefe and a few other modern photographers besides Adams speaking. It was interesting to hear Ansel talk about emotion rather than "vision" in his art.

28-Feb-2016, 21:21
For those of you in the Alabama/Georgia area that read of Al Weber's passing, he has several photo's on display at this exhibit.

Bill Kumpf
15-Mar-2016, 14:05
There is still time.......



For more info go to: www.boothmuseum.org

15-Mar-2016, 18:24
I saw this show over the weekend. I drove all the way up and back (4.5 hours each way) because it was closing soon, but with that extension I would've just waited till I was in Atlanta for business next week. Oh well. Anyway, AA's work was fantastic but man the crowds were terrible. I can't believe how many people were there. At least the lighting was decent. I don't know what kind of people were there but I had several old ladies act very snide that I wanted to look at the images for more than 10 seconds and get really up close to the frames. Also, the rest of the show featuring some photographers "After" AA was pretty bad. A lot of really poor prints IMO. I had never heard of most of those people and some of them were completely out of place. Huge prints from what looked like early digital cameras, pixelated beyond belief. I can understand the disdain for digital imaging from some old-timers here if that is the standard by which it is judged.

20-Mar-2016, 06:12
Well worth the trip (3 hr drive each way). A nice showing of AA's images, a few that I hadn't seen before. The other images tied in nicely to illustrate the progression of landscape photography after AA's period. The showing was busy with lots of older people (like me) and many youngsters (under 25) viewing the images. When I go to a showing I usually make the circuit thur the showing 3 times, each time I go slower and get closer to the images to fully appreciate the images, I just ignore the snoddy people. I was also impressed with the Museum itself which is worth the trip just for the other exhibits.