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Drew Bedo
19-Jan-2016, 06:40
Can I post a link to a discussion thread on another forum?

Drew Bedo
19-Jan-2016, 06:46

I have been contacted via e-mail by someone who is not a member here. It seems to be a general message to several people requesting that we mention a particular subject, the new Pos/Neg instant film, and post a link to a discussion of the film in a thread on another forum.

It strikes me that this is prohibited by LFP.info policy on links.

19-Jan-2016, 07:21
It's links to ongoing Ebay sales that are prohibited, people post links to relevant threads on other Forums or other websites.


19-Jan-2016, 07:26
If anyone is interested there are posts periodically on this topic at photo.net. :o

Drew Bedo
19-Jan-2016, 07:33
Thanks for that clarification.

19-Jan-2016, 07:34
There's a 35 page thread on it. Will that do? http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?112236-new55-kickstarter-has-begun

Ralph Barker
19-Jan-2016, 07:38
Links to other forums and/or discussions there are not prohibited, but it depends on the circumstances and intent. Posts criticizing another forum, or its operating procedures, for example, would not be appropriate. Links to specific discussion threads on other forums may or may not be "on-topic" here, so it may be better to restate the issue here, if it is relevant to LF, than to link to the thread on the other forum.