View Full Version : Another 3880/El Capitan Problem

Richard Wasserman
17-Jan-2016, 12:30
OK, I've another problem. I'm using Photoshop/Lightroom CC. I installed a couple new icc profiles ató HD:Library:Colorsync:Profiles and they do not show up in the printer dialogue box. My previously installed ones are there and working, just not the new ones which of course are the ones I really need. Any help appreciated once again.

17-Jan-2016, 13:09
Luckily, all of this happened to me last week.
Before doing a clean install, I backed up my copy of PS and LR, in fact my whole Applications folder, then using Migration Assistant I transferred those two programs to the computer.
I backed up to a spare external HD, plugged it in and opened Migration Assistant. Follow the instructions, and it should work fine.

Richard Wasserman
17-Jan-2016, 13:50
Thanks Ari. It turned out to be operator error/brain freeze. All appears to be OK once again.

17-Jan-2016, 14:30
Good to hear, Richard.
For anyone else: The problem when doing a clean install is that copying your files won't always include the dozens of sub-files that the programs use. So it's best to use a program like Migration Assistant which will import all the permission files and other stuff we're not aware of. That ensures the program will run as before.
Many of you probably know this, but I didn't until last week, when I did a clean install of Mountain Lion, getting rid of El Capitan.

Robert Kalman
23-Jan-2016, 17:52
Can someone please define the term "clean install"? What, exactly, does it entail?


23-Jan-2016, 18:06
A clean install involves erasing the Mac drive and starting fresh with a new installation of OS X 10.11, and users who opt for clean installs usually rely on their own personal backups to restore their personal file and data.
This is what I followed when doing my own clean install: http://osxdaily.com/2015/10/01/clean-install-os-x-el-capitan-mac/
Instead of re-installing El Capitan, though, I went back to an older OS.