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16-Jan-2016, 16:33

I'm trying to prove I'm not too old to learn new stuff. I've been working part time at a local photography retailer. A customer walked in with a 4x5 Toyo View at a reasonable price, so now I'm learning large format photography! I'm really happy I found this site and forum.

My latest accomplishment is connecting the PC on the Copal shutter to a Pocket Wizard Plus II to trigger the Novatron studio strobes. Now I have to check the synch and the accuracy of the old Minolta flash meter.

My goal is to make 4x5 negatives to use in the Ziatype palladium printing process (already using overhead projector film to make negatives from digital images).

Having more fun than I deserve!


Bob Salomon
16-Jan-2016, 16:48
Great! Enjoy! Alexander's or Christian?

16-Jan-2016, 16:53
Central Iowa is a large area.
My mate and I are from Grinnell.

16-Jan-2016, 18:00
Bob: Christian Photo.

Jac: West Des Moines for the last 25+ years.

18-Jan-2016, 10:36
I live in Waukee and work in WDM. Wow another 4x5 photographer in Iowa.

Welcome to the LF world.

Sirius Glass
18-Jan-2016, 20:15
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum