View Full Version : Noah Addis + Kai Caemmerer at Pictura Gallery in Bloomington, Indiana

Noah A
15-Jan-2016, 08:06
I'm having an exhibition with (fellow LF) photographer Kai Caemmerer at Pictura Gallery in Bloomington Indiana. The show opens February 5th and runs through March 26.

Kai Caemmerer + Noah Addis | Future Cities

Opening Friday, February 5th at 5:00pm

Noah Addis and Kai Caemmerrer both photograph the possible structures of our future, and their projects offer starkly different visions of what it might look like. Addis’s “Future Cities” are a study of informal urban development and compacted, self-built communities. Caemmerer’s “Unborn Cities” show looming abstract skyscrapers in spaces void of people.


Richard Wasserman
15-Jan-2016, 08:45
Congratulations Noah, this should be a very interesting show! Hmm, and it's not too far away...

peter schrager
15-Jan-2016, 08:45

Carl J
15-Jan-2016, 13:34
Looks like it should be an interesting juxtaposition!

18-Jan-2016, 12:28
Brilliant. Congrats.