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12-Jan-2016, 12:26
I have returned to film photography and such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! I have struggled with digital for the past few years - not that it is not fantastic in many ways - but I found it no fun. So I have dug out my darkroom, traded in my Linhof Technikardan for a Shen hao TZ45 IIA (arrived today - so exciting), bought a box of Tmax400 (couldn't wait for my normal TriX - went into Silverprint in London yesterday and had to come out with some film to get me started again) and can't wait for the weekend to go and take some photographs.

Wish me luck


Andrew O'Neill
12-Jan-2016, 12:58
Welcome back! And welcome to the forum!

Sirius Glass
12-Jan-2016, 13:02
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

12-Jan-2016, 13:27