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10-Jan-2016, 00:58
Hello from Bavaria

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as a new member of this forum. My name is Torsten and I am 47 years old. I live app. 50 miles south of Munich, Bavaria, but partly live in Vienna, Austria as well. I have been insterested in photography scincehigh school and have been taking pictures for quite a while, first in small format using analogue cameras, later digital. Then later i swichted to the medium format 6x6 analogue and since a good year to large format 4x5 with an old Sinar F 1. I am mainly interested in landscape / nature and black and white? I find large format a fascinating way of photography as the cameras offer such a great variety of movements. Therefore I am still at the beginning of my journey in large format photography.

Best regards from the Werdenfeser Land


Tim Meisburger
10-Jan-2016, 01:35
Hello Torsten. I don't know what "Werdenfeser" means, but I assume something like "Good Beer"

Welcome to the forum!

Pali K
10-Jan-2016, 05:47
Welcome Torsten.

10-Jan-2016, 09:17
Willkommen im Forum, Torsten!

10-Jan-2016, 11:37
Hi Torsten, Welcome to a group of smart an wonderful people. Large format photography is the name, photography is the game.

Michael E
10-Jan-2016, 17:09
Herzlich willkommen, Torsten!

John Kasaian
10-Jan-2016, 18:08
Welcome aboard!

Sirius Glass
10-Jan-2016, 19:19
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum