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7-Jan-2016, 11:14
I'm Simon from Toronto, Canada.
I've been a long time 35mm shooter, but have become disillusioned with the digital format and chasing the tech in my images, so I have taken the plunge into 4x5.

I recently bought a Shen Hao hzx45-iia and I am in the process of setting up my own darkroom

Pretty excited about the format - although it will take some getting used to (not least that I can only take 8 shots per outing, due to me only having 4 film holders ;) )

I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions as I get into the camera and developing process.


7-Jan-2016, 15:03
Welcome! I can relate to what you say about "chasing the tech".

I'm not sure I've ever burned through 8 sheets of film in a single outing yet (started LF last year). 6 is pushing it for me.

Andrew O'Neill
7-Jan-2016, 15:05
Hello Simon, and welcome to the forum! There is nothing wrong with having only 4 holders. When I started back in '93, I only had 2 holders. When I moved to 8x10 15 years ago, again I only had 2 holders. It helps you choose your images well.

7-Jan-2016, 15:28
Welcome from Hamilton

Sirius Glass
7-Jan-2016, 15:29
Welcome to the Large Format Photography Forum

Alan Gales
8-Jan-2016, 18:27
Welcome to the forum, Simon.

Large format slows you down and you do take less images especially than digital. The upside is you end up with more keepers! :)

20-Jan-2016, 21:09
Welcome from Toronto, lots of fun ahead ...

8-Mar-2016, 09:11
I also only have 4 holders and so far it hasn't limited me whatsoever. Welcome to the forum. Seems there are a few of us in the GTA-ish area.