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6-Jan-2016, 22:34
My V700 scanner is on the blink, running windows 7, the computer makes the driver install sound over and over again, as if i was turning it off and on constantly. On my old dog of a computer also running windows 7 I can scan using epson scan and vuescan, same scanner , same cable. I thought upgrading to windows 10 would help, no that seems to be the problem. I have reinstalled a new epson driver from epson and followed their instructions to the letter, but no, it does not make the slightest difference. Any ideas or similar experience? I have a stack of about 30 4x5 and 5x7 negatives to scan.

7-Jan-2016, 06:52
Sounds like it's working fine on the old computer? Then that points to your present computer being fubar'd. If you update to windows 10 you are just upgrading your mess not fixing it. V700 works fine in win10. You may need to wipe the computer clean and reinstall everything assuming no hardware problems. It can take a couple days to get all the win7 updates in, but win10 goes pretty fast and win10 can use a win7 license key if you update to the 1511 version of 10 with windows update before activating it.

7-Jan-2016, 16:40
I seem to have it working now. It had 3 epson scanners in the devices list and they must have been taking turns to plug themselves in. Odd though, I have been scanning for 7 years and never come across this.

pinup tragic
8-Jan-2016, 23:17
I did a software epson scan update ? - it reset nearly everything to default - just a warning

20-Jan-2016, 03:07
What is the latest update of Epson Scan for Mac?