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4-Jan-2016, 22:13
I am going to start keeping an interest list of folks who would like to do some informal meet ups and outings in the San Diego region, especially the mountain and desert areas. This would also work well for Inland Empire people, Imperial Valley, Coachella, and Yuma. I am going to post this on the APUG forums as well, so it will not be strictly LF, but that is fine. I am thinking it would be good to get some people in touch who like film photography. If you want to be sure to be notified send a quick reply to this and I will start keeping a contact list. There have been several outings in the past, but it looks like it is a good time to renew contacts. I am thinking about some informal coffee house type meetings in San Diego and some auto tours or hikes in the Southern California mountains and deserts.

5-Jan-2016, 01:32
Count me in.

5-Jan-2016, 05:11
I run a group on Facebook called SoCal Analogue Photogrphers. Feel free to join in and share there.

6-Jan-2016, 10:45
I'm a little north of you all; however, if I am free on a few days, I'd be interested in meeting up.


Sirius Glass
6-Jan-2016, 12:04
You got me for this on APUG

6-Jan-2016, 12:51
When the weather let's up a bit I will post for doing a desert trip and we can see how it does. Chris

14-Jan-2016, 22:26
I am planning a large format and analogue meet up and social event for Sunday, January 24, in Mission Valley. It will be at 5:00pm at O's American Kitchen, the former Pat & Oscar's. I hope some of you are still interested and can make the event. I plan to do some field trips soon as well. I also listed this on the APUG forums since there are other camera format people in the area.

22-Mar-2016, 21:53
Please add me to your list.


11-Apr-2016, 09:13
Include me on your list. I'm in Escondido, Ca and love to meet up and travel. I am currently set up at Palomar JC's darkroom most days. Love to mingle. email me at jmickelson16@gmail.com Be seein ya. James Mickelson

Sirius Glass
11-Apr-2016, 10:30
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

4-Jul-2017, 17:30
Hi im new to LF and looking for people to learn from. Is this meet up still going on? I'm in Corona (Riverside).


12-Jul-2017, 20:46
Hi Ray; I am still around at least. It's a bit hot lately, but during the cooler season I like to travel in the Mojave desert quite a bit. Let me know what areas you like to visit and what kind of subjects you like.

Jeff T
13-Jul-2017, 01:03
Good idea, Count me in as well. Looking forward to Fall weather.

13-Jul-2017, 11:49
When it gets nicer to meet someplace that works for both our areas, I will post something on here. I love Highway 66 through the desert, and I want to visit some of the native palm groves this next season too. We could do Orange Empire Railway museum, or similar, but that is still pretty hot. Chris

29-Aug-2017, 14:24
Can I get on an email list or something? I'm not on FB. Or I guess this thread is fine, I think I will get email updates when this thread is updated. I'm in OC.

29-Aug-2017, 21:31
HI, I will post some places I am heading when the weather gets a bit cooler. It is too warm for much in the way of hiking around right now. I do a lot of desert trips in the cooler season. Chris