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1-Jan-2016, 15:52
The Midwest Large Format Asylum will hold its 9th annual print review on Saturday, January 23rd in Chesterton, Indiana. There is no admission and anyone interested in enjoying large format photographs is welcome to come. Here is the exact location:

Best Western Indian Oak
558 Indian Boundary Road
Chesterton, Indiana 46304
(219) 926-2200

We start at roughly 9 am depending on weather, and usually are done by 5 pm. We rent a large room with plenty of natural light. People who bring prints to show draw a number from a hat to determine order. We view one portfolio at a time and usually enjoy 12-15. There is no judging...only showing and enjoying. Anyone who has ever attended knows how inspirational this day is. The only requirement to show prints is that the images were captured using a large format camera. There is no limit to the number of prints you can show, but as we set up & light 25 display easels, most portfolios in previous years are 25 prints or less.

Lunch is catered in, so bring a few extra bucks for that, or bring your own. As weather in northern Indiana in January can be unpredictable, many arrive on Friday and stay the night...also some will stay Saturday night as well. (mention the group for a hotel discount) The casual dinners on Friday and Saturday nights is a great time to get to know other large format shooters and talk some shop.

I hope you consider coming. People will be coming from Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. Come get inspired for 2016.

Rick Tapio

2-Jan-2016, 12:08
I believe this print show is one of the beautiful exhibitions in large format photography. You will see some extraordinary images from many talented LF photographers, from landscape to figure formation. I went there last year and look forward to going there this year. I plan to go there from downtown Chicago area on Saturday morning. I can give you a free ride if anyone would like to go from Chicago this year.

2-Jan-2016, 18:26
I should also mention that, if you are travelling from the west, right on the way, there is an Ansel Adams exhibit in Munster, IN. Several of us will check that out on Friday on our way over to Chesterton.

Chuck Pere
8-Jan-2016, 07:22
I don't have much to show but I plan to attend again this year. Always a lot of great photography to view. As Rick says inspirationally. And I always seem to learn something from somebody.

18-Jan-2016, 08:18
Just a few days away....get some prints together & join us.....be prepared to be inspired, but exhausted by the end of the day.

25-Jan-2016, 08:28
18 Portfolios.....It was a great day!

25-Jan-2016, 09:03
This was a great event for LF photographers, professionals or amateurs. I enjoyed it.

John Jarosz
25-Jan-2016, 11:16
Wonderful opportunity to see real actual prints on paper. Especially good to see finely detailed prints NOT displayed at 72 dots per inch. Looking at prints via the web is like listening to music thru a transistor radio of the 60's or the built-in speaker on an iphone. The web is great for a lot of things but not for viewing prints. That's why we need more events like this one.

MIke Sherck
26-Jan-2016, 07:20
And a fine time was had... There's always a temptation to choose a favorite print or body of work; I try to decide whether I liked the prints best, or the camaraderie with old friends or the joy of meeting new ones or the joy of spending an entire day devoted to photography, with everyone around you talking about and showing and doing photography, or...

You've got to try this sometime. Can't think of a better day to spend a Midwest winter's day!


Chuck Pere
26-Jan-2016, 08:37
I agree with the others. An amazing day of high quality portfolios. A great variety of subject matter. And you just have to see large format work in print and in person. Everyone is easy going and unpretentious and that adds a lot to the event. Hope to be there next year.

N Dhananjay
26-Jan-2016, 18:32
Had a fabulous time. In these doom and gloom times amid forecasts of 'the end is nigh' for photography, it was fantastic to see some great work. And you got to hang out with people who are deeply involved in something, thus very interesting people. I left feeling that it was a pity it only happened once a year.... Cheers, DJ

28-Jan-2016, 08:13

The next print review (or now better known as Inspiration Saturday) will be the 4th Saturday of January, 2017. Same location in Chesterton, Indiana. It will be our 10th anniversary. Mark your calendars.

Rick Tapio

30-Jan-2016, 08:47
One of our participants, Craig Sheaks, who also has a LF blog, made a video of this year's print review that you might enjoy watching:


1-Feb-2016, 10:08
Craig made a nice video and did a great job! Enjoy watching it!!!!