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1-Jan-2016, 04:20
I have never used a professional camera before, and would like to learn from people in this forum.

1-Jan-2016, 10:44
Welcome! Is this your new year resolution? :)

Sirius Glass
1-Jan-2016, 15:43
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

Andrew O'Neill
2-Jan-2016, 22:36
What's a professional camera? I certainly wouldn't call some of my LF cameras professional! ;)

Sirius Glass
2-Jan-2016, 22:47
A professional camera works for its existence. If a camera is owned by an amateur or hobbyist than the camera takes an unprofessional attitude. I hope that helps.

Bob Sawin
2-Jan-2016, 23:05
Sirius: Based on the above my cameras must be welfare bums...

Sirius Glass
3-Jan-2016, 01:56
Sirius: Based on the above my cameras must be welfare bums...

Mine too. We are in good company.

Peter Lewin
3-Jan-2016, 08:50
I guess mine are professional quality cameras downgraded to amateur status...

Andrew O'Neill
3-Jan-2016, 20:11
Glad that's cleared up!

Sirius Glass
3-Jan-2016, 21:09
That is our aim. Your aim will help.

Alan Gales
5-Jan-2016, 10:51
A professional camera is/was a camera designed for professional photographers to use. However, a lot of professionals have shot amateur cameras and made professional images. Professional means you make a living at it.

My cameras (even the professional ones) have all pretty much been welfare bums too. I think that has more to do with us welfare bum photographers than the cameras though. ;)

Welcome to the forum. You can learn plenty on here if you look past the occasional craziness!

Sirius Glass
5-Jan-2016, 12:18
One does not have to be crazy of participate here but it sure helps.