View Full Version : Help me fix an Epson V700

31-Dec-2015, 10:04
I managed to find a good used Epson V700, but the seller didn't package it enough for the trip. Long story short, it's mine now, and needs some help.

When I turn it on, the scan unit in the base starts to move, then stops and I get a flashing red light on the front. Before you say it, yes..... I did unlatch it from the transportation lock.

Doug Fisher
31-Dec-2015, 12:26
Just to make sure, you unlocked both of the locks (in the lid AND the base), correct?

I could be as simple as a belt or pulley getting knocked out of alignment during a hard hit while being shipped. Time to take it apart and find out what is bound up. I have some exploded diagrams up at this link to help you work through things. Also, you might search this forum for posts about disassembling and cleaning the scanners before your start. There have been some good posts over the years. At this age, your scanner's glass probably needs a cleaning of the outgassing fog anyway.