View Full Version : Book - The Spirit Within - Saint Junipero by Craig Alan Huber

Jim Becia
30-Dec-2015, 12:38
I purchased Craig's book from his Kickstarter campaign. It arrived a week or so ago while I was away from home. I have had the chance to look through it several times viewing the images. While I have not read the text yet, I can say the photos are wonderful, the printing and paper are excellent, and the layout of the book is first rate. All the images are taken with large format black and white film. It is one of the nicer photo books I have purchased in the last two years and that is saying something as I am kind of a book junkie having bought 50 to 60. If you get a chance, buy a copy of this wonderful book. I don't think you will not be disappointed.

Doug Howk
30-Dec-2015, 14:41
2nd the above comments. The text is concise but informative. The images are excellent. And the book itself is a beautiful work of art. A great example of what a Kirkstarter project can enable.

Drew Wiley
30-Dec-2015, 14:50
A controversial subject. Some of the remaining native Americans in this state certainly don't consider him a "Saint"; but that ill view would probably apply to any of the Spanish invaders who wiped out vast numbers of the resident population either through transmitted diseases or outright deliberate genocide. But there can be little doubt that California missions have attracted photographers. Sounds like a book I'd like to have on my shelf. Until recently my sister held the landscaping contract for one of the more famous missions (the State managed grounds, that is, not the buildings, which are diocese owned). So I've poked around them quite a bit myself.

Andrew O'Neill
31-Dec-2015, 22:28
Thanks Jim. I ordered one, too. I'll get mine when I see Craig at the next CPHT-Pacifica meeting.