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30-Dec-2015, 06:11
Hi all,

After reading along for some time it's about time I properly introduce myself.
My name is Roy, and I live in the south of the Netherlands.

Last year I increasingly dabbled in analogue photography, learning to develop my own films. So far I mostly used 35mm SLR and rangefinder cameras, but have played around with some first MF films as well. I'm also interested in the 'dark art' of digitization of film negatives; constantly trying to improve the process.

Large format beckons, especially the wonderful look and craft of collodion photography. I hope to dive into 4x5 any time soon. Until then I'll keep reading along all the interesting stuff that is posted here!



30-Dec-2015, 07:51

Peter De Smidt
30-Dec-2015, 08:12
Welcome, Roy!

Sirius Glass
30-Dec-2015, 13:44
welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

John Kasaian
31-Dec-2015, 17:06
Welcome aboard!

Andrew O'Neill
31-Dec-2015, 20:19
Welcome, Roy!

Emmanuel BIGLER
1-Jan-2016, 01:27
Hello from France and welcome to the LF forum
(with many International readers like me !)

Happy New year! (http://bigler.blog.free.fr/public/images/carte-EN-2015-12-22-best-wishes-for-2016.jpg)


1-Jan-2016, 03:48
A very warm welcome Roy (and best wishes for 2016 ;)) I'm in the south of the Netherlands as well, so depending on where you are exactly and our schedules, feel free to drop by sometime and try LF in real life while enjoying a cuppa!

1-Jan-2016, 07:11
Happy New Year all and thank you for the very kind welcome! 😃

@koraks - that is a great invitation indeed. I'm very much interested in some LF hands-on. Thanks!

1-Jan-2016, 07:34
Hit me up anytime and we'll work something out!

lodewijk schenk
27-Jan-2016, 06:11
Welcome Roy also from the netherlands (Marken).

John Kasaian
27-Jan-2016, 09:04
Welcome aboard!