View Full Version : Hello again from Atlanta,Georgia

Rafael Garcia
28-Dec-2015, 23:08
I had not been active here for several years because of big time-consuming responsibilities, but I am back. One needs some fun too! I am looking forward to sharing my projects and learning from this group! I see several old friends still around. It's going to be great!


29-Dec-2015, 08:05
Welcome back, Rafa!

Rafael Garcia
29-Dec-2015, 10:54
Great finding you again, my friend! Don't remember if I posted my homebuilt 8x10 prototype here, but surely will! I also plan to build the real version, and will document it.


Kerosene Hat
27-Jan-2016, 21:22
Hey Rafa, great to meet you. I just got into 4x5 and would be up for a field trip when my ankle heals. Oakland Cemetery, Rail Museum or maybe sunrise at the MARTA depot, or Jackson Street Bridge? I'm in town near Emory. Welcome back!

Roger Cole
28-Jan-2016, 04:42
Seems I'm seeing a lot of local folks posting now.

Howdy neighbor!