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28-Dec-2015, 00:25
I have a Epson 3800 printer. Two month ago I did manual nozzle check (all perfect) and some prints.
Now I wanted to print again and did a manual nozzle check before I started. Result: nothing on the paper at all.

Ok, I thought it's time to clean up the print head by using window-leaner and the common procedure with a flat textile soaked with it under the print head for awhile. Result: only some lines visible on the paper after the manual nozzle check.
OK, more time, more cleaner... Result: the same.

Than I did two auto nuzzle checks. Result Error of the printer
And two power cleaning circles. Result: Only a few lines lines visible. And surprisingly: No ink in the maintenance tank but the printer shows me almost empty cartridges after the cleaning-circles. And no inkl visible in the printer.

Any idea what is happening here?

Ken Lee
28-Dec-2015, 05:49
You have to use these printers regularly, just as you would an automobile.

Two months is a long time to sit idle: lines and parts can become permanently clogged.

I recently had to bring my 3880 to an authorized service center for parts replacement due to similar problems.

28-Dec-2015, 13:09
The printer was used regular before and than 2 month break.

Andy idea what can be good for the printer now?
And where is the ink gone?

Kirk Gittings
28-Dec-2015, 14:35
I have a 3800 that I only use twice a year. Each time I fire it up it needs ne simple cleaning and it is ready to go.

Ken Lee
28-Dec-2015, 14:41
Try Marrutt at http://www.marruttusa.com/printer/support/epson-stylus-pro-3800-help.php.