View Full Version : LF Sky pictures

Miguel Coquis
26-Dec-2015, 04:49
To watch the sky has been always fascinating and my wish (one of them...) was to picture the Moon on large format.
This project has taken time and will take even more.
But I wanted to share this image I shot on Christmas night.

Ilford 13x18cm Delta 100
Exposure time 1/10sec
Dev D76 1/1 dilution
Scanned neg.
Positive and constructive comments are welcome.
Hope You will enjoy it !!!

26-Dec-2015, 06:06
Lens? This looks like a full frame scan, as best as I can tell, so what was it exposed through?

26-Dec-2015, 06:57
A lovely Christmas scene!

I get a similar field of view, maybe not quite as much reach, using a 300mm lens on an approximately 4x6mm sensor. 9m lens, anyone? ;)