View Full Version : Group f/64 show at Mills College Art Museum, through May 29

David Lindquist
25-Dec-2015, 13:51
At Mills College, Oakland CA. See: http://www.mcam.mills.edu/exhibitions/current1.php
Photographs are from the museum's own collection. Some of the photographs were done by group f/64 members after the group disbanded. Note the fine print on this website that states the museum is closed until January 19. I haven't had a chance to see this show yet.

25-Dec-2015, 14:34
thanks for sharing, been wanting to go check out mills college anyway, now I've got I've got two reasons, happy holidays!

RW Hawkins
25-Dec-2015, 19:06
Bummer it's closed until the 20th. I'm always in the mood to go checkout museums over the holidays!

25-Dec-2015, 19:16
Hey, our daughter goes to Mills!