View Full Version : Replacing LF Bellows

22-Dec-2015, 21:25
I ordered a used long bellows for my Toyo Robos from a seller in Japan but it was the standard bellows that was delivered instead. The seller said to keep the bellow (which, in addition to being the wrong size, was full of pin holes) and immediately refunded the purchase and shipping charge. (I have nothing but accolades for Japanese sellers so far.) I have a 750mm bellows coming from Rudy in Hong Kong. Does anyone know of a reputable repair person, preferable here in the San Francisco Bay area, that can install the bellows? I have the hardware from the above bellows with the pin holes but do not have the tools that might be required or the experience in replacing bellows.


24-Dec-2015, 14:32
Hi Thomas, we could probably install them at my buddy's woodshop here in San Rafael, I've installed Rudy's bellows on my own cameras with no trouble. Best to email me, rory@roryearnshaw.com if you'd like to try. Best,

24-Dec-2015, 15:28
Thanks rorye. I'll send you an email when the bellows arrives - it was shipped from HK today. I have the Type B hardware.


9-Jan-2016, 16:39
The new long bellows arrived from Rudy this afternoon. I removed all the screws from one end but the old bellows is firmly attached - no doubt they are slued to the frame. How do you go about removing the old bellows from the frame and what's a good glue to use on the new bellows. The new bellows is a match for the hardware (Toyo-View).