View Full Version : 4x5 black and white sheet film in Chengdu (China)

22-Dec-2015, 10:34
I am traveling in Sichuan province and I was wondering if it is possible to buy 4x5 black and white sheet films somewhere in Chengdu. I am interested in Ilford or Kodak.
Thanks a lot for your reply in advance.

22-Dec-2015, 10:57
It is better that you bring your own films when you visit or travel in China. You do not know what you are going to get even there is a store selling the films you like.

Tim Meisburger
22-Dec-2015, 17:26
You can buy those films from Taobao and have them delivered to your hotel.

23-Dec-2015, 02:15
You can buy the films on Taobao.com in advance about two or three days before you flied to Chengdu. Yes, you should leave a certain receiving address in the city.