View Full Version : SoCalite returning after a lengthy hiatus

20-Dec-2015, 19:59
Returning after a lengthy hiatus. Some of the older veterans may remember me. I still shoot with mainly 4x5 but do 8x10 as well as subminiature 35 and 6x6. I shoot mainly black and white film which I process and print in a wet DR. I've been doing photography for a very long time. I lost my DR a few years ago and recently retired which made it convenient to work in the nearby JC's DR. Wonderful teachers there who ignore me for the most part. It lets me work to my hearts content. I built up a Dodge van to travel in with everything I needed to travel for a few months at a time. But family has come calling on my time so I have to postpone that dream for awhile. But I do get to go from time to time. Enjoyed a very nice trip with my class mates in OCT and NOV. Cerro Gordo Mine and the Eastern Sierra. Ran into difficulty with old equipment that hadn't seen the light for a long time. That is now resolved so everything is ready to go. A trip to Nevada is planned mid Jan. And I may be able to get out to Joshua Tree NP soon for some film burning. All in all I hope the forum is as lively as ever. Glad to participate.

Tim Meisburger
20-Dec-2015, 22:08
Welcome again! You can probably get your old name back if you ask the moderators.