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19-Dec-2015, 23:38
Hello my name is Bernard. I am curious as to how many 4x5 shooters are still out there?
My 4x5 cameras have not been used for many years. I am using my D7000 with old Nikon glass.
I think it's time to get back to film again. I have made a device that fits onto the graphloc back,
which allows me to attach the digital 35mm. version #2 is in the works. This site makes me
want to revive my darkroom again. thanks for the inspiration.....bk

Leszek Vogt
19-Dec-2015, 23:47
Welcome to LF Forum, BK. Are you at Telegraph Cove ? ;) Love the scenery there + Orcas + fog + all of the above. Wonder if that mill (machinery) is completely dismantled ? I probably could take 1/2 day there alone (yep, photo related).


19-Dec-2015, 23:56
Actually I live in Port Alice. Telegraph Cove is more of a tourist destination. All the shops there are closed at this time of the year, but the scenery is beautiful all year. If you don't mind rain, but you are used to rain in Seattle. This is my first time posting on a user group.

Sirius Glass
20-Dec-2015, 13:05
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum