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19-Dec-2015, 00:16
This issue started about a week ago, went away after running a few head cleanings, then has returned and not going away after several more nozzle check/ head cleanings and also Auto Cleaning. I am getting micro horizontal banding issues on my prints which you can see under my print outs of the results of cleanings...



Notice the black block from my auto cleaning results. The normal head cleaning shows no problems.

Any advice, opinions, solutions...



19-Dec-2015, 08:21
Have you aligned the head? If not, that would be a logical next step in problem solving after the nozzle check.


19-Dec-2015, 10:59
Agree with Sandy; the black head looks like it is quite badly out of alignment.

Andrew O'Neill
19-Dec-2015, 14:27
Yes, run a head alignment. I do this regularly on both my printers (4000, 3800).

Tyler Boley
19-Dec-2015, 18:27
actually your normal nozzle check printout shows, even though all nozzles seem to be firing, at least one is deflected. I agree alignment would be the next best step.

21-Dec-2015, 13:15
Thank you! I will check for head alignment. If it is in fact out of alignment, is there a solution in the software? I never had this problem before.

Andrew O'Neill
21-Dec-2015, 13:50
On my printers there is auto alignment, or it can be done manually. There should be this function on the 4800. Just check your manual.

21-Dec-2015, 19:41
Just ran the alignment test and this is what I get back...


My issue isn't vertical banding, but horizontal, which you can also see in the black pattern. Any other steps I can take?

Tyler Boley
21-Dec-2015, 20:46
are there still deflected nozzles in the normal simple nozzle test in the K channel? The little stairstep patterns need to be perfect, each tiny step lower than the previous as it goes left to right

22-Dec-2015, 05:10
sorry to hear about your problem. I have 2 4800 and 1 4880 sitting in the barn that had the same problem. I tried everything , spent days all for nothing . there is nothing out there I didn't try. if you need parts let me know I have cleaning carts , chips ect, the only thing I don't have is a working print head , I can take one apart in my sleep . do your self a favor and buy another printer.

22-Dec-2015, 10:48

Tyler, I will check this afternoon...

22-Dec-2015, 18:39
So this is the latest step test and the pattern in the K head is showing a different pattern...


what to do...

22-Dec-2015, 20:07
So this is the latest step test and the pattern in the K head is showing a different pattern...


what to do...

That is a fairly normal nozzle check. You need to run the Print Head Alignment check.

Andrew O'Neill
22-Dec-2015, 20:26
I prefer doing it manually.

23-Dec-2015, 11:17
yeah, it really looks and sounds like a full print head alignment will do the trick, and I agree that the best way to do it is the manual method.

Tyler Boley
23-Dec-2015, 18:59
well there are still some deflected K nozzles there, that will certainly result in banding.. I agree with the others about a full manual alignment. I'm not 100% sure it will solve this but it is the next logical step. It may also need the windex paper towel treatment on the bottom of the head, which of course will draw out ink and require yet more cleaning cycles to recharge.. fun stuff eh? We all go through this from time to time.. bratty printers. But the nozzle pattern is showing you a problem, until it's perfect.. more work to do I'm afraid. That's my experience anyway

24-Dec-2015, 00:26
How do I go about doing a manual alignment of the head. I have large print job coming up in January. I hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible. Thank you all for the guidance.


Andrew O'Neill
24-Dec-2015, 17:11
Don't you have a manual? If not, just google it.

26-Dec-2015, 18:04
Thank you for the information. I am running the alignment process now. Fingers are crossed!!!